Bertmans: relishing without guilt

Since its opening in 2015, it’s impossible to imagine Rotterdam without Bertmans. Though in the US all-day breakfast is a well known concept, this phenomenon has only been gaining popularity since a couple of years in The Netherlands. And for a unique, good breakfast or lunch this hotspot in Rotterdam Noord is the place to be.

Goodness for everyone

No grilled cheese sandwiches or fried egg on toast, but yummy breakfast crumble, hearty delicious pancakes and mouth-watering French toast. At Bertmans they conjure up the most delicious and healthy dishes at your table within minutes. The awesome menu offers goodness for everyone, especially for vegeterians, vegans and guests with allergies this place is heaven.

Bertmans serves tasty healthy food that will keep you coming back

Always busy

It is no wonder this hotspot is always packed solid. You can feast you belly on international cuisine made up of seasonal vegetables and fruit from morning to evening. The guests visibly enjoy themselves in the small but cosily furnished lunchroom. Finding an empty table here is not an easy task and they only take reservations for dinner. Thankfully this will all be changing soon.

Bertmans is located at the Rotte in Rotterdam Noord where they have a big terrace

Second branch

Come April a second Bertmans branch is set to open in the city centre. Since the new location is much larger it will also be able to accomodate large groups. More dishes will be added to the already awesome menu and it will also be possible to order take out so that you can enjoy the Bertmans goodness from your own living room. A great improvement, if you ask me, of the location at Schouwburgplein that used to house ‘De Beren’.

Breakfast everyday

As my mother used to say: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” So, from now on no more excuses, breakfast all day, everyday! Relishing without guilt is what you do at Bertmans!


Als u dat fijner vindt, dan kunt dit blog ook in het Nederlands lezen.


  1. Annemieke Berg

    March 21, 2018

    Leuk, ik ga het zeker eens uitproberen! Moet wel lachen om je verhaal over hoe ‘packed’ het is en dan zie je serene rust op de foto’s 😉 Maar ik snap hem hoor, je was er vast niet primetime. Leuk stukje weer, ik zeg: een gratis ontbijt voor jou voor de mooie reclame!

  2. Pat

    March 23, 2018

    Looks and sounds great, would love to join you there for a lovely meal! And not forgetting the coffee! All day breakfasts have been available in Aussie for some years and are extemely popular.

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