Getting lost in a giant corn maze

Me lost in the huge corn maze

Imagine if you please; 3 kids aged 6 and 9, 2 toddlers, 3 grown ladies (we will leave the ages out 😉 ) and one gigantic corn maze. This is how we spent our sun filled afternoon and it was absolutely aMAZing 🙂

The smell of cow greets us as we enter the cozy little shop to buy our entrance tickets. The kids don’t seem bothered by it and run enthusiastically towards the window in the back to look at the cows in the barn. “Cow, cow!” my two year old nephew screams as he points towards the window. He can’t wait to go in but we have to go through the huge maze first. So, on with the boots and off we go with the maze-related questions in hand.

The Maze

The little people make their way quickly through the tall corn. Flying through every corner looking for clues to point them in the right direction towards the exit. Nope, wrong turn, we have to go back. “This way,” they shout as they run back towards the clue they missed the first time. The littlest one speeding full throttle behind the rest. We grownups can hardly keep up as we try our best not to fall head first in the mud or get any bugs in our hair. No it’s not really our scene, us Egyptian sisters 😉 But the kids are having the time of their lives and so is my sister’s bestie, the hands in the clay, down to earth Dutchie.

Another turn, more dead ends and slippery grounds. Screams of delight fill the air as the mud sprays up around them speeding through the long green passages. Once in a while they stop to pick up a fallen corncob. More running, another scream and then we are back in the open field again. Disappointed faces all around, they want to go back in. But the cows await, so off we go back to the barn.

The kids and the corn maze

Looking for clues in the maze

The Cows

“Cow, cow, cow,” my nephew yells with excitement as he enters the barn. He runs in between the chewing animals grabs a stick and tries to feed it to one of the cows. As soon as the animal comes closer, my little love runs away. It’s scary when you are 4 times smaller than the creature you are feeding. The other kids show no discomfort and immediately pick up a broom and start sweeping the hay closer to the eating animals. The little ones join them and they all have a merry time. We can only get them to finally come with us by bribing them with ice cream 😉

Kids having fun with the cows in the barn

Playing with the cows

After we gobble up our cones on the sunny terrace and spend way too much money on organic products from the store, it’s time to head home. We will definitely be back at Doolhof Lansingerland!

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  1. Hala

    August 16, 2017

    Great story, great writing, great blogger!

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