Schieblok Rooftop Terrace: ‘homegrown’ delicious food

There’s not much I love more after a day’s work than to sit outside in the sun with my cup of tea and a good book. That and hanging out with friends filling our bellies with tasty food and drinks. Unfortunately summer is still a long time away and temperatures are nowhere near comfortable. This didn’t stop me from inviting my sister-in-law (who loves the sun and long summer days as much as I do) to a rooftop lunch in the heart of Rotterdam as soon as the temperatures rose to just above 10 degrees.

Alas, the weather is worse than anticipated. That’s The Netherlands for you. It’s grey, windy and there’s even a spot of rain now and then. Definitely not weather for lunch on a rooftop terrace. Thankfully there’s also an indoor sitting area on the roof of the Schieblock office building. The interior looks like a living room filled with tables and chairs. Nothing fancy but it does the trick. There’s even a little area in the corner where you can buy the local produce you’ve just had the pleasure of tasting.

De daktuin Rotterdam

“De daktuin is nu nog kaal maar volgende maand zal hij helemaal groen zijn”, aldus Annelies.

We take a seat near the window and stare at this week’s menu in anticipation. There’s a different menu every week and roof peasant Annelies Kuipers explains that the dishes are small and especially designed to be combined with one another. The price per two is around 9 euro so it’s really cheap.

The pita roasted veggies with miso mayo and the loaded sweet potato waffle it is. We sip our teas and look outside over the patio and garden. It’s not that green yet, but Annelies ensures us that it will be by this time next month.

daktuin 1

Het eten is echt om te smullen!

Lunch is served! After taking a few bites we can confirm  it tastes as good as it looks. The fresh vegetables in combination with the handpicked herbs are sublime. And even though the dishes are small, they are very filling. That’s how you can tell what you’re eating is nutritious. Definitely a place worth (re)visiting. Hopefully the weather will be good enough then to sit outside.

Het Schieblock Dakcafé is iedere week woensdag open van 12.00-15.00. Het wisselende menu wordt een dag van tevoren op hun Facebook pagina geplaatst.


  1. Ria

    April 5, 2015

    Heerlijk zo’n breek in de week! Ik ga graag nog een keer terug op een warme zonnige woensdagmiddag.

  2. Annemieke

    April 6, 2015

    Da’s een goeie! Ik werk weliswaar op woensdag, maar wil nog wel eens een vriendin of oud-collega treffen voor de lunch. Ik ga hem onthouden! Maar hoe kan zo’n zaakje nou overleven van één middag open zijn?!

    • Iman author

      April 29, 2015

      Dat is een goede Annemieke. Maar volgens mij doet zij behalve woensdagmiddag in Rotterdam ook nog andere dingen…

  3. Jamila

    April 23, 2015

    First next place we’ll have our date on a sunny wednesday! ☀️❤️

    • Iman author

      April 29, 2015

      Echt wel Jamy! En dan toetje bij Dudok! 😉

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