Ulrich Vienna: Exclusive food in an informal atmosphere

It wasn’t too long ago that I wrote a blog claiming that maybe we should stop planning every detail of our trips and just stick to the b(e)are necessities. As I am not really one for ‘do as I say not as I do’, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and let things run their course on our Eurovision party trip to Vienna. I even let my fellow travelers decide on our dinner venues. Being a real foodie and control freak, (if you know me) you know that really is a big deal. But after a couple of dinners gone bad, they seriously picked horrible restaurants, I just had to put my foot down. After all, a girl has gotta keep up with her vitamin intake if she’s gonna make it through a whole week of partying and staying out all night. Ulrich was just what we needed!


This awesome café, restaurant and bar is open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have a small terrace in the front where you can sit to soak up some sun if the weather permits it. If like when we were there you are blessed with pouring rain, you can sit and enjoy the informal atmosphere inside. The staff is very friendly and they also have English menus for you to order from.  We literally hung around there all afternoon just detoxing from the night before, chatting, laughing and surfing the internet. Yes ladies and gentlemen, they have free Wi-Fi! 🙂

Ulrich Vienna: Exclusive food in an informal atmosphere


The best and most important reason for visiting Ulrich though, is their splendid food and drinks. We didn’t have time nor space in our tummies to try everything, but what we did have, was excellent. Their soups, salads, cakes, everything is homemade. They even make their own flatbread. And it’s all super delicious. The homemade lemonades and smoothies are equally mouthwatering and in our case much needed to get our vitamin level back up. The extra ginger shot we ordered to go along with everything was just what our bodies craved for to make it to the final of Eurovision and through our last night on the town.

Ulrich Vienna: Exclusive food in an informal atmosphere


Next time I’m in Vienna I will definitely drop by here again. I recommend you do the same. This hotspot is so worth it! If you’re planning for a weekend trip though, do make a reservation in advance. There are many other Ulrich fans roaming the Austrian capital 😉

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