The ABBA Museum: Dancing Queen for a Day

I have a dream 🙂 A dream to fulfill ever since the opening of the ABBA museum in May 2013. I have seen the fairy-tale of this Swedish pop group and I became a fan. I took the future and I did prevail. This summer I finally got to scratch this awesome museum off my bucket list. It’s a must see for every ABBA fan or Eurovision fanatic. And since I happen to be both, well, there really was no way my husband could stop me from adding this place to our itinerary. In fact, besides visiting my dear friend who moved there a couple of years ago, this was my main reason for visiting Stockholm 🙂

With ABBA on the park bench

Mamma Mia here I finally go. My, my how could I resist it. Mamma Mia how it showed on my face. My, my, just how much I’ve missed them. Yes, I was brokenhearted. The day the pop group parted. But now I was amidst them and it was so cool. The costumes, the gold records, the pictures, the instruments, the history. It’s all there in the fabulous ABBA museum. My friends and I took it all in. And even my husband couldn’t resist a smile now and then. I even got him to join me and ABBA on the park bench 😉

ABBA dolls

Dancing Queen

Yes, you can sing and you can dance. We had the time of our life. The best part of the ABBA museum is that it’s interactive, so you really feel like you are part of the experience. As if you are the 5th ABBA member, which in my case would mean that the group would have been called ABBAI 🙂 It really is a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon, even if you are not really a fan. You can sing at the Polar Studio and you can even perform on stage with the band. It’s awesome. And everything is saved on your personal ticket so that you can access and download it later from home. Because who doesn’t want to share his embarrassing moments with the entire world 😉

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