The Da Vinci Code’s Rosslyn Chapel

As you have already read in Harry Potter and The Neverending Rain, I am a devoted reader. It will probably come as no surprise when I tell you that I have read all of Dan Brown’s books, starting with The Da Vinci Code. If it weren’t for work and the daily chores, I would have finished all of them in one go. Instead, I got to enjoy each book a little longer.

The fun part about the stories is that each one takes place in a different city and since I had visited those places before, it was extra fun to read about them. It felt as if I was one of the characters in the books and I was right there in Paris or Rome with the others figuring out the plot and trying to escape from the ‘bad guys’.

Rosslyn Chappel Scotland

There was one place though I hadn’t visited yet even after reading The Da Vinci Code, so on our way back home after a fabulous stay in Edinburgh, I couldn’t resist the urge to make that 10 kilometer detour southwards. Off we drove to Rosslyn Chapel in search of that Holy Grail. After all, that’s where they found it in the book 😉

Unfortunately when we arrived, the chapel was under construction and Tom Hanks had already left 😉 But it was still fun to look around and remember the storyline. Taking pictures inside is strictly forbidden, but outside you can click away all you want. For film and book fanatics like me, it’s a cool place to add to your been there, done that list.

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